Filling America with the Gospel – An Easter Week Challenge April 8, 2022


By 7 am, a tremendous group of pastors had identified themselves as being on the call. It was my privilege to share a brief thought from Scripture and pray with these faithful shepherds from across the state of Michigan. Since COVID these men have been connecting each morning, seven days a week, to pray for souls and for one another.

Two things were striking to me about the call. Men who pastored across town were praying for one another and pulling for one another! They spoke as if they were on the same team. It was also interesting to me that there were a number of men who had never personally met each other but they were one in Christ and coming to the throne of God together. It was a beautiful picture of the common bond found only in the Lord Jesus.

These same men decided to do something over this past winter to affect their state with the gospel. In Acts 5:28 we read that God used the early Christians to “fill Jerusalem” with the message of Christ. Our friends launched a campaign called “Fill Michigan” for the purpose of saturating their areas with the gospel. They were following a biblical pattern. Pastor Rusty Chatfield, who is coordinating this effort, said, “The conviction and power of the gospel had been so thoroughly spread in this ancient biblical town, that the good news was inescapable! New believers were being added daily because all who knew Jesus were ‘filling their city’ with the saving message of the crucified and risen Savior! Those early witnessing believers did not have a campaign but they did have a great commission from Jesus Christ Himself.”

Amazingly, in Michigan, 103 churches were paired on four different teams and the numbers of gospel tracts handed out each week were recorded. Pastors reported that, after four weeks, over 70,000 gospel tracts were directly put into the hands of people around the state.

The testimonies that followed from churches and pastors repeatedly stated that this effort had energized more of God’s people to share the gospel than anything most had experienced. Pastor Chatfield identified several reasons they believe God has touched this effort in rare brotherly unity to thrust forth the gospel. Here are a few of his thoughts:

PURITY: It was “gospel-centered” for the glory of God and the proclamation of Jesus.

PREPARATION: God was working in the hearts of several pastors SIMULTANEOUSLY.

PRAYER: The Pastor’s Prayer Portal knit had created a large network of praying pastors who readily agreed to strive ”together for the faith of the gospel” (Philippians 1:27).

ACCOUNTABILITY: As much as anything else, this gospel campaign is about voluntary accountability. Every honest Christian recognizes the weakness of their own heart. Every believer needs to be challenged. This is not just true for laypeople, this is true for every pastor and every evangelist. Now, we suppose, there might possibly be preachers and churches that are so on fire for the Lord and so completely independent that they do not need any outside voluntary accountability or challenge of any kind. To those men, we say, involve yourself in this effort anyway. There are a lot of preachers like us that need help. We might also suggest that you look around at our country that is in such a terrible state and on the verge of collapse. Is there any other plan to reach our country with the gospel?  We believe that God might very well do something mighty when we pray and work in concert.

OBEDIENCE: We believe that every Christian is commanded to spread the gospel. Gospel tracts are a proven and indispensable tool. We believe that every Christian should have gospel tracts on their  person at all times. If we are praying for revival and not obeying one of the most fundamental commandments of the Lord, how can we expect God to hear our cry? We believe there is an indissoluble bond between prayer, personal holiness, revival, and personal soul winning.

The news of “Fill Michigan” has now spilled over into other states where pastors are interested in filling their state and, ultimately, filling America with the glorious gospel of Jesus! I am happy to be on a team with other evangelists who are encouraging one another in the matter of personal witnessing.

A special evangelism week has been planned for April 10-17, as we lead up to Resurrection Sunday. 199 churches and a multitude of Christians have signed up to participate. If you would like to know more about this gospel project or begin a team in your state visit

May God bless this emphasis and every thing that is being done to get the gospel out while there is still time!

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