Gayle Washington was a fellow-worker for many years in the ministry. Her burden is to help pastors and churches and the Lord is using her. She and her husband, Dave, have been wonderful friends to our family. I am happy to recommend her resources and hope that they may be of help to many local churches.

The single most important mission of the local New Testament church is to reach people with the Gospel and help them to know God better.  It’s all about people, yet it is essential to carry out proper daily procedures to keep the work of the Lord decently and in order. Through unconscious preparation, God allowed me the privilege of working for Temple Baptist Church and Pastor Clarence Sexton as his personal assistant and business administrator for 17 years.

All of us who work in the Lord’s work are busy. The great battle is not to substitute activity for spirituality. God has dealt with my heart about this truth.

In 2015, I realized the simple truth that technology can help streamline and increase productivity in daily tasks. That is when God gave me a solution for the passion He had put in my heart to help churches and people in the ministry.  Professional Support Staff was started in October of 2015. Through technology, we offer high quality professional services for a fraction of the cost. Our mission is to help strengthen ministries by providing support staff virtually which gives peace of mind.

Financial Solutions for Your Ministry

Our accounting department has created processes to work with bookkeeping software and online giving, making your finances easy. We review and process the financial activity of your ministry on multiple levels, providing you with the reports you need to give you  peace of mind.

We also offer solutions to payroll and human resources. This is one of the most tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks. We keep your ministry compliant while processing your payroll, paying your taxes, and handling your quarterly/annual filings. With human resources, we have over 35 years of experience looking at pastoral housing, employee benefits, and employee contracts.

Communication Solutions for Your Ministry

With the advances of technology, it is becoming an increasing struggle for churches to connect with people in a disconnected society. The ministry is not just about reaching new goals, it is about impact. From the viewpoint of most potential visitors, if your ministry does not exist digitally, then it does not exist at all.

Our virtual assistants are dedicated to helping you professionally implement technology to share your ministry. We offer assistance in websites, social media, professional videos, ebooks, and mail outs.

Implementing virtual assistants in your ministry will provide you with the freedom to focus on your mission while saving you time and money. We give our clients a peace of mind that the details are streamlined, handled, and compliant.

To learn more about these resources for the local church you may call Gayle Washington and her team at (865)272-6550 or visit