Just a few days ago it was my privilege to be back in our nation’s capitol. Washington D.C. is more than the seat of government for our country – it is a city with millions of eternal souls. Sometimes in the frustration with politics it is easy to forget that souls are at stake. National monuments and memorials will not last forever, but people will.

Pastor Mike Creed and a number of others are burdened to get the gospel to this great urban area. They are concentrating on the D.C. Metro system which has 626,000 riders every day. They are launching the Metro Bible Project this year with a goal of getting a half a million New Testaments into the hands of people across the city! 

Each copy of the Scriptures has a clear presentation of the gospel, Bible studies that will teach people God’s truth, and a directory of independent Baptist churches around the Beltway where they can find spiritual help.

On the back of each New Testament will be images and links to testimonial videos via a QR code using a mobile device. Along with several others, it was my joy to record what the Bible means to me and how Christ has changed my life. These brief videos follow the theme “Let me tell you my story…” and will introduce people to the the Lord Jesus. 

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to record a brief gospel appeal that people will hear at the end of each video. We are praying that many will come to faith in Christ and find the new life that only He can give. The videos are close captioned and will also be available in Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. 

In addition to this they are leasing advertising space on all of the metro lines to drive traffic to the special video testimonials. This is a monumental undertaking but one that I believe will have lasting fruit. God promised that His Word would not return void (Isaiah 55:11).

How can you be a part?

  • Pray. We complain about the darkness in Washington – let’s do something about it! Join us in asking God to bring the light of Christ to many souls through this endeavor.
  • Distribute. You may want to join the effort to pass out these copies of God’s Word on September 21-24, 2020. To find more details on the project visit metrobibleproject.org.
  • Give. I am excited about investing in this worthy work and want to encourage you to prayerfully consider doing the same. Gospel work always brings eternal dividends. You may give securely online or text “metro” to 22525.

Perhaps the Lord will lead you to do something similar in your city. Every town needs a gospel advance. Jonah simply delivered God’s message to one “great city” and God sent a city-wide revival. May God help us all to claim our city for Christ!

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Partner with us in prayer.

Partner with us in prayer.


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