I’ll be home for Christmas…” Familiar words from one of the most beloved Christmas carols. There truly is something wonderful about being home at this time of year. And yet, they are not always reality. Some cannot be home for Christmas this year. As a frequent traveler I often think at this time of year about people who cannot be home with those they love.

  • Some cannot be home because of security. Consider specifically men and women who have given themselves to protect and serve our nation. They are scattered around the globe defending liberty. Certainly they would love to be home but they are busy protecting our homeland, and for that we should all be grateful. Thank you for your service.
  • Some cannot be home because of necessity. There are many whose work has taken them unavoidably away from those they love this year. Our missionaries, soldiers in another army, are laboring for the gospel on the front lines of many nations. Separated by geography, their hearts surely long for home. Thank God for those who have willingly answered the call of God and are paying the price now to fulfill it.
  • Some cannot be home because of infirmity. No doubt some are unable to travel due to illness. Our bodies don’t always cooperate with our souls. Such people need the encouragement and ministry of the larger family, God’s family, wherever they may be.

I’m sure there are other reasons that may keep some from being home for Christmas this year. You may be thinking about a loved one who has passed on to be with God in recent days. Their chair is empty. Their voice silent. Let me encourage you…they ARE home for Christmas this year! To be with the Heavenly Father is the very definition of home. It is us who are still celebrating in a foreign land. Soon we will all be home for Christmas, and what a Christmas that will be!

The words to that famous carol go on to say, “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.” While many we love may only be home in their dreams, let’s have them in our prayers. Take a moment today to pray for someone who is away this year. If possible, make a call, send a message, write a note. A word from home may be just what they need.