This month has been designated as “Pastor Appreciation Month” in many places. I am grateful to God for the faithful pastors who have influenced me. The Lord has used them to shape my life. At this time it is my joy to call my dad my pastor again. For nearly thirty years he has pastored the same church, bearing the needs of hurting people, leading the flock, and feeding the sheep. I thank God for my pastor.

It is easy to take faithful pastors for granted, to forget what they have given and what God has given you through them. On this Lord’s day take the time to express appreciation to God and the preacher. In fact, don’t wait for a special emphasis – do it every week! And pray for him every day. Churches need pastors and pastors need encouragement.

In honor of pastors we have selected five brief articles from our archive that we trust will be a blessing to you. I hope you will take the time to read them and consider how you can be a blessing to your pastor and his family…

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