For the last two decades I have had the joy of being under the same faithful pastor.  Recently I spent some time reflecting on what a joy it is just to have a pastor.  Growing up in a pastor’s home has helped me to realize that pastors are real people too!  They hurt and grieve.  They get tired and weary.  Yet in the midst of all of that they are called upon to minister to many other hurting, grieving people.

Yes, pastors are a special group.  Their lives are wrapped up in everyone else’s lives.  Their homes are in many ways invaded by every one else’s family.  Their time is not theirs – it belongs to the flock that God has called them to shepherd.

Pastors were God’s idea.  In fact, the Lord Jesus was the first Pastor of a New Testament church.  The Good Shepherd Himself demonstrated to every pastor the perfect picture of the heart and work of the under shepherd.

I love the Lord Jesus.  He is my Good Shepherd.  No man on earth can ever take the place that is rightfully His.  No true pastor would ever want to.

I love my pastor.  He is the under shepherd that God has chosen to minister to me and my family.  He has taught me to love Jesus more.  The pastor who humbly leads the flock and patiently feeds the sheep is worthy of honor (Hebrews 13:7,17).

Pastors are some of the most misunderstood, maligned men in the world.  We church members are quick to criticize or “share our heart.”  If you have a pastor that loves the sheep and is giving his life for the flock, thank God for him!  Pray for him.  Speak a kind word.  Write a note.  Show kindness to his family.

Pastors don’t have a pastor, but they should have people who come alongside to encourage them.

I have the joy of traveling and speaking in other churches.  More and more I have grown to respect those men who are staying in the trenches, on the front lines…pastors.  Any speaker can blow through town and preach two or three messages that attract attention.  Thank God for those men who are giving their lives in a local church to faithfully guide people to God.

I thank God for my pastor.  I hope you will thank God for yours and thank him for obeying God.

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Partner with us in prayer.


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