Traveling March 27, 2014

Another trip.  I am sitting in a hotel room in Fort Worth, Texas tonight.  Tomorrow we host an Open House at Crown Southwest and begin a Regional Youth Congress.  I have no complaints, only gratitude.  Traveling is a privilege and an opportunity to grow.  I learn something on every journey and, with Christ, it is the adventure of a lifetime.

Many travels have caused me to realize an aspect of our Lord’s earthly life that I never truly considered.  Jesus Christ was the ultimate Traveler.  For 33 1/2 years He was away from home.  At night He had no place to lay His head.  Scripture tells us that when others went to their own houses Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.  Yes, He was on a journey.  Just passing through.

Was He ever lonely?  I’m sure.  He was “touched with the feeling of our infirmities.”  Yet careful observation of His travels reveals wonderful truth…

1.  He was always at home in the presence of His Father.  Have you ever wondered why Christ so often retired to private places to pray alone?  He was communing with His Father.  It was there that He felt most “at home.”

And so it should be with all of us who are passing through this world.  Pilgrims.  Sojourners.  Heaven is our home; God is our goal.  If you are in your home or in some far off place you can still enter His presence.  Learn to be at home in prayer.

2.  He was always at work ministering to those around Him.  Christ was not looking for friends; He was being a Friend.  Everywhere.  Along the way He made enemies but it was only the hatred of those who despised perfect Love.  His life was one of joy and kindness.

Most of my travels are for work, the Lord’s work.  But I have learned that if I will just strike up a conversation, look at people who are around me, God will give me opportunities to minister.  New friends all along the way.  Divine appointments.

Fascinating, isn’t it?  The lonely Son of God seemed so very content wherever He was.  Geography didn’t matter for He was walking in the presence of the Holy Spirit and under the watchful eye of the Father.  And so are we.

Wherever your travels may take you, remember that He understands.  No one has ever traveled further than Jesus did.  I have so much to learn from Him.

Best of all, He is my constant Companion on the journey.  I never travel alone.


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