Our First Valentine’s Day, 1995

My favorite traveling companion is the one that God is allowing me to make this journey through life with. Every place is better with her. Every day brighter. Tammy has been for the last nearly twenty five years my best friend, over twenty one of those as my wife.

She is God’s best gift to me outside of Christ. Our first date was at a college Valentine banquet in 1995 and she has been my sweetheart every Valentine’s day since then. 

When I travel to meetings without her the people always hear about her. It is easy to talk about the one you love. Sometimes people will ask about my wife’s ministry: Does she like to speak to ladies? How does she deal with all of your travel? Is it hard being an evangelist’s wife? 

If you know Tammy at all you know that her husband is the talker of the family. She is more laid back and quiet than me to be sure. She does not enjoy public speaking, though she does it on occasion and is always a blessing. Yet she is the greatest encourager and supporter I have. Faithfully praying. Quietly serving. Cheerfully helping.

My wife’s ministry is me and our children. While she is active in our home church and engaged in the kid’s school, her greatest work is in our home. She is giving her life to help me fulfill what God has given me to do and encouraging our children to find what God has for them. I could never do what I am doing week after week if she was not faithfully ministering every day.

Friendship is the foundation of every good relationship. Couples who have been married for a lifetime will tell you that feelings of romance ebb and flow. Friendship does not; it is the constant.

And so, on this special day, I want to thank my best friend for her constant love and for spending so many Valentine’s days with me. Thank you for being willing to work hard where no one sees so that the work of God can move forward. I thank God for you and am so glad that we are enjoying the journey together.

Enjoying the Journey

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Partner with us in prayer.


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