When Paul was sitting in a Roman prison, facing death, he was still growing. In his final letter to Timothy he requested a number of things, and notable in the list is the phrase: “bring…the books” (2 Timothy 4:13). Throughout the apostle’s writings he quotes from a number of sources and it is clear that this man was a reader. What is fascinating is that, as he nears the end of his journey, he is still hungry, still searching, still gleaning from good books.

One way to be a lifelong learner is to be a lifelong reader. Not all books are created equal to be sure; this is why trustworthy recommendations are necessary. We have previously posted a series of 25 articles that listed 125 good books on a variety of subjects. You may access those resources here.

We all continue to grow and I am regularly discovering another helpful book (to my wife’s dismay!). This month we begin something new that I hope will be profitable for many. Once each month on our Youtube channel I will be sharing a book that I am currently reading myself with a brief recommendation. If you have not yet subscribed to the channel we would be honored for you to follow the content that is posted there each day.

The first in this new series of short video clips is available now and we hope you will take two minutes to watch it. Click here to hear more about his month’s book and watch for a new one each month. I would also love to hear what books are helping you right now!

Happy reading.