New Book Release!!! July 12, 2022

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Dreams. Opportunity. Favor. Power. Blessings. Purpose.

Jealousy. Conflict. Betrayal. Temptation. Prison. Difficulty.

All of this and much more is found in the story of Joseph. His is a representative life in so many ways–an example for us all. Follow the adventures of Joseph and you will see both the positive and negative experiences of life.

Most importantly, you will discover the one secret to the blessing of God at every stage in life: “The LORD was with Joseph.” From his youth through old age, through his blessings and burdens, we learn how to live consciously in the presence of God.

We are very excited to announce that Scott Pauley’s new book, The LORD was with Joseph, is now available:

  • Download the digital version of the full-length book now through Amazon Kindle or Apple Books. Like Revival Praying, we are making the e-book available at no cost to enable anyone, anywhere in the world to have easy access. (If you would like to donate to help us extend resources like this at no charge you may do so here.)
  • Watch for the audio version of the book to be released shortly on Audible and Apple Books. The audio book is read by the author.

This has been a challenging year for printing due to supply chain issues. However, the hardback edition of The LORD was with Joseph will also be available very soon. If you would like to order your copy or multiple copies to study with others, please visit Graphic slides are also available for free download to use in your church or Bible study group. Student handouts will be made available in the fall.

This book holds particular interest for young adults who, like Joseph, are beginning their journey with the Lord. However, like all of Scripture, Joseph’s example has application to all of us at every season of life! We hope that you will be helped by this character study and that you will want to share it with others. Our ETJ team is praying that it will be used to help us all learn to live in the presence of God.

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