New Companion Study Guide (with bonus content!) February 5, 2024

One of the most profitable ways to study the Bible is by its characters. While we know that the main character of Scripture is God Himself, the Holy Spirit has chosen to use the lives of men and women, young and old, good and evil, to help us understand the application of truth to our own lives. Biography is a great teacher.

The life of the Old Testament patriarch Joseph is one of the mountain peaks of the Word. In Joseph, we see ourselves – battling temptation, dealing with difficult people, searching for direction, and finding our purpose in challenging days. Even more, in Joseph we see Christ. He is one of the finest pictures our Savior found in all the Old Testament Scriptures.

Over the last year, we are grateful for the reception the full-length book, The Lord Was With Joseph, has received. Now in its second printing, this study of one of God’s chosen servants is being used to encourage the faith of many. It has been a special encouragement to hear testimonies from both young and older readers who have had their faith strengthened. (If you do not have a copy, you may order the hard back edition in the ETJ STORE, or download the e-book for free from Apple Books or Kindle.)

Our Enjoying the Journey team is happy to announce that the companion study guide has just been completed and is now available! This resource has been designed as a Sunday School curriculum, small group study, or a church wide series. It is appropriate for youth though adults and will be a wonderful new Bible study tool for the new year.

The Joseph Study Guide is divided into five sections that correspond with the chapters in the book. However, the content could be spread out over a number of weeks. Each section includes:

  • The Basics – introductory thoughts that contribute to context
  • One Truth – the “big idea” of the lesson
  • A Biblical Scene – a brief snapshot of the Scripture text
  • Memorize and Meditate – a Scripture that encapsulates the lasting truth of each lesson
  • Journeying with Joseph – a logical, interactive outline of the passage as we follow Joseph’s journey with the Lord
  • Next Steps on My Journey – a specific assignment or application to our lives
  • Ask and Answer – questions for reflection and discussion
The student edition also includes exclusive, bonus content by Scott Pauley. You may preview the new layout and find more details here.
We hope you will order now and be some of the first to utilize this new study. Bulk pricing is available. It is our prayer that God will use this great Bible character to build godly character into all who study the lasting lessons from the life of Joseph.
– ETJ Team

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