These are days for the advancement of the gospel! People need the message of hope that is found only in the Lord Jesus. This is not the time to mumble and moan about how bad everything is; this is the time to speak clearly about the good news of salvation in Christ. This is not the time to plod through life with our heads down…”behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest” (John 4:35).

A number of fellow evangelists and churches across the country determined to give the week between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday to the distribution of gospel literature. It was exciting to be a part of this effort and I was personally challenged about the daily discipline of speaking to people about their souls. In that one week those who participated were able to distribute more than 165,000 pieces of gospel literature! We pray that the Lord will use the seed of truth to bring much fruit for eternity. Think what could be done if every believer were engaged in the work of the gospel!

Next week it is my privilege to preach in a area-wide gospel crusade that is being held in Summersville, WV. This town is about an hour from where we live and is a beautiful place. Calvary Baptist Church (Pastor Ryan Trescott), Emmanuel Baptist Church (Pastor Butch Collins), and Mountain State Baptist Church (Pastor Mark Secrist) are working together to host this special event.

Would you help us pray? Pray for the pastors and people as they labor. Pray for all who will participate in the music and program. Pray for individuals and families to come. Pray for hearts to be prepared and souls to be saved. Pray for the stirring of believers and the strengthening of the churches. Pray for me as I preach the gospel.

If you can participate, we would love to have you! The gospel meetings will be held Sunday-Wednesday, April 24-27, 7 pm nightly, at the Summersville Arena and Convention Center. More than 29,000 invitations have been sent out and God’s people are working to bring those they know. Plan to come and bring others with you.

I am excited that our friends Byron Foxx and Micah McCurry are also coming to labor with us. We will make the live-stream of the meetings available on our YouTube channel. Thank you for helping us pray for God’s enabling for this work.

We cannot do everything, but we can do something. We cannot reach everyone, but we can reach someone. Ask the Lord to help you do something for eternity and reach someone for Jesus today.