It was only after I went into full time evangelism that I began to appreciate how much good preaching I had been privileged to listen to…and how much I still need to hear it. Those of us in full time ministry are almost always the ones doing the preaching. While this is a tremendous privilege, it is also a great danger. If you keep giving out and never take in you will soon run dry!

I am not just a preacher; I am a Christian. Every Christian needs to hear exhortation, reproof, and doctrine. Every Christian. 

There are many reasons for this:

  • God chose to use preaching! 1 Corinthians 1:21 tells us the priority God places on preaching and its connection to His wisdom.
  • The minister needs to be ministered to. Of course, we are to feed our own souls on God’s Word each day devotionally. But there is no substitute for the Spirit-filled preaching of Scripture in the life of a believer. Read Isaiah 55:10-11. We are sowers of the seed and at the same time hungry souls ourselves, in need of bread. Only God’s Word can satisfy our deepest need. Yes, preachers need preaching too.
  • Everything reproduces after its own kind. As a preacher I can tell you that nothing refreshes and recharges the “preach” in me like listening to faithful preaching. The same Holy Spirit who inspired the writing of Scripture moves on hearts as it is preached. In 2 Peter 1:12-21 a faithful preacher reminds us how important it is to stay “stirred” by remembering the truth. Paul wrote the same principle to young Timothy (2 Timothy 1:6).

How can a preacher get such preaching?

  1. Take advantage of every opportunity to listen to other Bible preachers in person. Did you know that sometimes preachers have the most difficult time listening to preaching? Perhaps it is our pride, or a tendency to listen like a homiletician instead of a Bible student, or distraction…but whatever the cause, we have to work at putting ourselves under the preaching of God’s Word. It is good for pastors to have men they can bring in both to help their people and feed their own souls. As an evangelist, I purposefully put myself in my home church when I am not preaching so that I can hear my pastor teach God’s Word. Preachers need preaching too.
  2. Utilize the technology that is available. Through podcasts, online audio and video libraries, and a host of other means we can listen to great Bible preaching. Avoid the temptation to listen for entertainment value or for sermon preparation. Seek out those whose faithful exposition and application of Scripture will minister to your inner man. Preachers need preaching too.
  3. While it is not the same as hearing, “listen” to the preaching of those who have gone before you by reading their sermons. When my dad started preaching my uncle advised him to listen to a sermon a day and read a sermon a week. Good advice. The Bible messages from a bygone, pre-internet generation must not be lost. In them you will find some of the greatest meat for your own soul. Remember, preachers need preaching too.

Where do you listen to preaching?

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