Several folks have asked me recently how we record the daily Enjoying The Journey episodes. Technology has made life so much simpler in some ways! I am able to record our broadcast on the road or at home using the tools that are now available. We have a wonderful group of people who work as a team to produce each program and provide them to radio stations and podcast platforms. I am truly grateful for those who have had a burden to help get God’s Word to others.

Tomorrow we will conclude our current series on the life of Samson. This has been the most enjoyable study for me personally and many people have communicated with us about how God has used the Scriptures to help them. Over the last few weeks our podcast audience has nearly doubled as has the number of radio stations that are now carrying the daily program. I give God glory and believe that He is touching it for His own purposes. We are just along for the ride, but we are enjoying the journey!

Today is a recording day and I am especially happy to be working on the episodes in my study at home. What a great time I have had by myself with the Lord! I am excited about sharing the upcoming studies with you…

  • Next week we will begin a brief book study of the Old Testament prophet, Haggai. This two chapter “Minor Prophet” has major truths for all of us. Plan to walk through the Scriptures with us each day as we enter “God’s Construction Zone.” You may want to read Haggai in preparation.
  • On September 23 we will embark on a longer journey through some of the great teachings of God’s Word in “What The Bible Says…” This is a day to know what you believe and why! We will take a brief look at the great doctrine revealed in Scripture and how it should affect our lives every day. I have recorded the first two weeks of those studies and am praying God will use them to strengthen our faith.

If you still need to subscribe, want to access the archives, or desire to support this work visit us at Thanks for making the journey with us. May God bring all of us nearer to Him.