Special Lunch Meeting for Preachers in Bristol, VA September 6, 2016

This week thousands of people will converge on the Tri-Cities area of Virginia and Tennessee for “The Battle at Bristol.” As much as I enjoy football (and hope that the Volunteers win!), there is a greater battle going on at this hour. It is a battle for the souls of men.

I have always loved the Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City area. Some of the most Spirit-filled meetings I have been in have been with God’s people in and around this region. It is an area with a rich heritage of gospel work.

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In May of 2017 we are coming to the Tri-Cities to conduct a “Go Reach America Campaign.” Our burden is to enlist people to pray for revival and train them to give the gospel to the lost. Think what could be done in one area if God’s people were truly of “one mind and one accord!”

There are so many faithful pastors and people throughout the Tri-Cities area. My friend, Evangelist Byron Foxx, and I want to come alongside of these friends and labor together for the furtherance of the gospel.

On Thursday, September 8 we will gather for a lunch fellowship in Bristol, VA. If you are a pastor, evangelist, or staff member within driving distance we would love to have you join us for a time of prayer and discussion. We will meet at the Perkins Restaurant just off of I-81, exit 7, at 11:30. This will not be a lengthy lunch but it is important as we begin to plan and pray for this special gospel effort.

Please do your best to come and bring other like minded preachers with you. You may email me directly to let us know you are coming or for further information – scott@enjoyingthejourney.org.

Help us pray for a great advancement for the cause of Christ!


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