A Deepening Conviction September 5, 2016

Every conviction in our hearts should grow out of God’s Word. With the passage of time those convictions that are founded in eternal truth only deepen. The Holy Ghost confirms again and again that Bible convictions are true in every circumstance. Like God, His truth does not change.

At this stage of life and ministry one of my Bible convictions that has grown stronger is my conviction about the Bible itself. As I watch the power of the gospel at work…As I witness the mysterious moving of God’s Word in the hearts of people in every place…As I see the transformative work of one verse of Scripture in my own soul…I am more convinced than ever – the Bible is God’s Word and all-sufficient!

Christ, the Living Word, is enough for every need and the Bible, God’s written Word, is enough to point the way.

Bible-266x200Through years of teaching Bible Doctrine I have dealt with theological points related to revelation, inspiration, preservation, translation, and illumination. Now, more than ever, I say: AMEN! The Bible is the Word of God and the need of men.

People do not need funny stories or clever outlines. Sinners are not saved by my alliteration. Our nation is not dying for lack of men’s words. Souls standing on the edge of eternity need one thing – the Word of God. In a few minutes I will stand again to preach to a wonderful group of people. They do not need to hear my voice tonight; they need to hear another Voice. And they will only hear it through His Word.

This conviction has not only deepened as it relates to preaching, but also to my own personal walk. At some point each day I write a few lines in a private journal – a Scripture verse, a prayer, a praise, a lesson learned, a blessing. Recently I wrote this simple prayer. Permit me to share it with you…


  • Thy Word is milk and meat – nourish my soul!
  • Thy Word is water – cleanse every area of my life!
  • Thy Word is bread – satisfy the deep longing of my heart!
  • Thy Word is a lamp and a light – show me thy way!
  • Thy Word is a seed – plant it deeply in me and let it bring forth much fruit!
  • Thy Word is a fire – purge the dross and consume me!
  • Thy Word is a sword – search me and sever anything from me that does not bring thee glory!
  • Thy Word is a mirror – show me my heart as you see it and make me more like you!

Would you make this your prayer today? Get in the Word and let the Word get into you. Give the Word to others. His words convince and convert as nothing else can. As you do, your conviction will deepen too…the Word of God is powerful.

Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth” (John 17:17).

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