Taken For Granted December 7, 2017


We take family for granted…until they are gone.

We take health for granted…until it is broken.

We take sleep for granted…until it refuses to come.

We take children for granted…until they are grown.


We take the church for granted…until we have to find a new one.

We take friends for granted…until they are not near.

We take sunshine for granted…until the clouds descend.

We take rain for granted…until the drought.


We take our mind for granted…until its thoughts are clouded.

We take Christ’s fellowship for granted…until our heart grows cold.

We take senses for granted…until they begin to fade.

We take youth for granted…until we are old.


We take the gospel for granted…until a lost friend dies.

We take life for granted…until we get a glimpse of death.

We take the Bible for granted…until we see one holding the Scriptures for the first time.

We take prayer for granted…until we desperately need an answer.


We take food for granted…until we witness starvation.

We take water for granted…until we thirst.

We take riches for granted…until we see true poverty.

We take work for granted…until the job goes away.


We take love for granted…until we experience the evil of hatred.

We take spiritual blessings for granted…until sin disrupts them.

We take breath for granted…until it is labored.

We take eternity for granted…until we stand on the edge of it.


We take God for granted…until we remember we are nothing without Him.


It is not the blessings that we take most for granted; it is the Blesser. Give thanks for the Giver and do not take any good thing for granted!

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  1. W. L. Graham on December 8, 2017 at 7:38 PM

    Good poem! No, great poem!!!

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