Winter is not often thought of as fruitful. In many parts of the country short days and cold weather begin to limit the activities of the church. Depressed moods can settle in on good people, and days are just lived in expectation of better times to come.

Never forget that our God is a present tense God. He is the “I AM.” And He is at work right now, right where you are.

Refuse to allow this season to be wasted. The Lord never wastes a day and He longs to make every moment count in us.

There is a danger to “down times.” (Read more about “Dealing with Down Times” here.) Boredom and idleness can become traps for a believer. How can you make this season the most fruitful?

  1. Ask God to teach you something specific in this season of life. The soil determines how much fruit the seed produces. Prepare your heart and expect God to open His Word to you. Spend extra time meditating on Scripture. Refuse to allow time to be squandered on lesser things.
  2. Look for someone to minister to. Remember that whatever season you are in, another soul near you is going through a difficult season. On the cross Christ ministered to one thief and changed his eternal destiny. In the cold winter months you may not have the opportunity of seeing large groups of people, but never underestimate the power of ministering to one individual.
  3. Make the most of this time with your family. Every season is a good one to love your family! Work to enjoy every age of your children and every stage of your marriage. During this season give more attention to those nearest to you.
  4. Pray for your church. When you cannot do as much as you normally do, you can do more! You can pray. This is the greatest work and it will bring the most fruit. Make this a season of intercession.

Do not wait for the new year to have your new beginning. Start today to make every day count. Soon this season will pass and all that will be left is the fruit that God produced in us.

God is tilling up the soil of our hearts. He is planting in us truths that both we and others need. His Holy Spirit is watering things that have been dormant in us.

This may be the most fruitful season of the year.