As you read this post I am ministering in another country. No matter where I travel in this world, I can boldly proclaim that God loves all people and Christ died for every man. Our heart for humanity must be bigger than one people group because God’s heart is!

While it is a privilege to labor in other nations there is always something special about coming home. I love America. It is my country and it is a country that has been specially blessed by God. As we seek to reach the world with the gospel we must never neglect the mission field immediately around us…

  • Pray for our country’s leaders (1 Timothy 2:14). Prayer is the most important work you can do for our nation.
  • Be personally engaged in spreading the gospel in your Jerusalem (Acts 1:8). Christ makes the difference in individual lives, homes, and countries. America’s greatest need is the gospel of Jesus Christ!
  • Help your local church (Matthew 5:13-16). Every town and village needs the salt and light of Christ. Keeping the local church healthy is key to the work of God in our land.
  • Teach your children and grandchildren to love Christ and to love their country (1 Peter 2:13-17). Patriots are not always good Christians, but Christians should be patriots. God chose this land for us to live in. He placed us here to make a difference.

A few days ago I struck up a conversation with a World War II veteran as we boarded the same flight for West Virginia. I thanked him for his service. When I did, he said something that I had never heard before: “Thank you for loving our country with me.”

Indeed, I do love our country, and was grateful to be connected with a man who had made sacrifices for our liberty. As I exited that same flight I met yet another World War II veteran! Woody Williams fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima and is a Medal of Honor Recipient. He is also a believer.

Two World War II vets. One whose name I recognized and one who was unknown. Both men who love America.

I am grateful for all who have fought and died for America. God’s people are engaged in an even more important battle – the battle against sin and Satan. May God help us to be good soldiers of Jesus Christ today.

Thank you for loving our country with me.”

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