The “Go” Kit: Bible Studies On Witnessing July 15, 2017


Just a few month’s ago I had the privilege of writing five Bible studies on witnessing. They are designed to both inspire and instruct believers to begin sharing their faith right where they are. Each lesson provides a thorough exposition of a passage of Scripture, a teachable outline, helpful illustrations, and practical applications.

There are a variety of uses for the lessons. Several pastors have told me they have used them in Sunday School classes, small group studies, or even in their Wednesday night services. These lessons will help to place a one month emphasis on both the power and responsibility of the gospel.

You do not have to order multiple copies of the lessons. When you order the kit you receive teacher helps, student handouts, and audio previews of each lesson, complete with permission to reproduce the resources for your entire church.

I deeply appreciate my friend Byron Foxx and the folks at Bible Truth Music for publishing this helpful kit and making it available to a wider audience. He also has included a number of bonus features for Bible study leaders. You may order your hard copy or downloadable “GO” kit today by clicking HERE.

Thank you for helping us share this gospel tool. It would be a joy to hear your feedback. May the Lord use it to stir His children and save lost souls!

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