The Greatest Platform On Earth September 28, 2021


Each week I stand on some platform to speak to people. A platform is a place that is elevated for the purpose of being seen and heard. It allows everyone to observe what is being emphasized. There are many platforms in our generation, and they are not all physical. Social media is a platform. There are audio and video platforms that broadcast content around the globe. Organizations provide platforms for the promotion of causes and products. But we must never forget that the family is the greatest platform on earth.

I have been preaching and teaching the last few days in a family conference in New York. The frontline of spiritual warfare is with the family and these are days to seek God’s help in our homes. Family didn’t just become vital – it has always been so! From the very beginning, when the Creator gave Eve to Adam and placed them in the Garden, home has been the basic building block of society. Indeed, the deterioration of the family is the crumbling of the very foundation of civilization.

Family was God’s idea. He made man and woman in His own image and then put them together to reflect the perfect oneness and love of the Godhead. Home was divinely designed as a platform to lift up the Lord above all. Paul speaks much about how family relationships are to represent the harmony and order of His work (Ephesians 5).

Why is home life so important?

  • It was the first platform constructed by God. Of all of the divinely ordained institutions on earth, the all-wise God began with the family. You see, home was to be the platform where the Creator’s goodness and purposes were to be shown to the entire world! Family was to lift up God’s beautiful ideals on the earth.
  • It was the first platform attacked by Satan. The Devil seems to have been quiet throughout the creation week…until God placed man and woman in their first home. Then he went to work. The enemy recognized that the human home was the place where the Creator would receive the greatest glory and, also where He could be grieved in the deepest way. It is no surprise that Satan and all of the hounds of hell have turned their big guns on the family – everything God ordains, Satan opposes.
  • It is the first platform that our Christian faith and testimony must stand on. Living as a true follower of Jesus Christ does not begin at the church house; it begins at our house! None of us are better Christians than the Christians we are in the privacy of our own home.

Yes, your home is a platform to a lost world. It is the place from which neighbors, friends, and co-workers observe the reality of what truly matters to you. By the Lord’s grace, let’s determine that our homes – imperfect as they are – will be a faithful testimony of every good thing and of God Himself. Lift up the Lord in your family!

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