The King Is Coming! January 15, 2021


What are you expecting to happen next in our world? Every day brings new challenges and changing circumstances. I cannot tell you what the government will do, how the economy will respond, or when the pandemic will end. But what I do know is what the Bible tells us – The King Is Coming!

God’s people should not be looking down, they should be looking up. Our future is not disaster but deliverance, and we are watching for the coming of our Christ, not the antichrist! Any moment the Lord Jesus is coming for His own.

The last book of the Bible tells us the story of both the end of this world and the beginning of eternity with our Lord. Never has Revelation been more vividly clear. We are starting to see the stage set for the last movements of the church age. Here is how Revelation 1:1 opens,

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John.

Shortly. The King is Coming!

Adrian Rogers used to say, “People ask, What is this world coming to? It is coming to Jesus!” Amen and amen. Soon every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Philippians 2:11).

The truth of Christ’s coming is at the same time convicting to those who are not right with Him, comforting to those who are suffering, and challenging to all of us who desire to see people saved before it is too late. We are standing on the edge of eternity. The King Is Coming!

This coming Monday on Enjoying the Journey we begin a new series, walking through the Revelation of Jesus Christ. If you want to know Christ better, understand what is coming in our world, and be ready to meet God I want to ask you to join us for this exciting study. Encourage others that you love to listen to the teaching of God’s Word each day.

We don’t know what the news will tell us next (or even if we can believe it!). Here is some good news that you can believe. Tell everyone you can: The King Is Coming!

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  1. Ron Pollard on January 15, 2021 at 8:58 AM

    Amen, Bro. Pauley

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