It has been a great blessing to me personally to meet so many people recently who are listening to Enjoying The Journey each day through the podcast or radio broadcast. God has been gracious to grow the reach of the Bible study over this first year. Many of you have been kind to let us know you are listening.

Our most recent episodes have dealt with principles for finding direction and making decisions for life. (If you missed any of these studies you may listen to all of them in our archives.) The next three weeks we will continue this emphasis with a look at my favorite section of the Psalms – Psalms For The Traveler.

The Psalms are beloved by most believers. Perhaps you have a favorite. Psalm 1, Psalm 23, and Psalm 119 are among the most well known. But, did you know that there are fifteen psalms that were written to be sung by Hebrew travelers as they made their journey to Jerusalem?

Psalm 136-150 are often referred to as “The Pilgrim Psalms.” Like the early worshippers, each one brings us a step closer to the presence of God. As a frequent traveler they have become especially precious to me and I am excited to share these studies with you.

Please partner with us in this Bible teaching work:

If you are just joining us or if you have been with us all along we are thrilled to have you studying the Scriptures with us each week. I am praying that God will help you to enjoy the journey…

Your fellow traveler,