Life in a fallen world is full of disappointments. Situations don’t always turn out the way you hope. The best people let you down. Your own intentions fail to become reality. It is easy for disappointment to become disillusionment. Perhaps this is why there are so many cynical people in our world.

The question is not if disappointments will come, but how you will respond when they do. When you face some disappointment remember these truths:

  1. The greatest disappointment is sin. It never fulfills what it promises. When tempted to think that others have let me down or that things did not turn out my way, I try to remember that most disappointments are of my own making. Selfishness. Wrong motives. Unrealistic expectations. Let disappointment drive you to confession.
  2. Jesus never disappoints. His perfection never fails. The hymn writer said it well: “Turn your eyes upon Jesus! Look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.” You may question His way, but never question His character. He is good and will always do right. Find your joy in Jesus alone. Let disappointment drive you to Christ.
  3. There will be no disappointment in Heaven. God always exceeds expectations. As wonderful as you might imagine eternity with Christ will be – it will be better! Disappointments are temporary. Believers have an eternal appointment with the Lord! You will not be disappointed. Let disappointment drive you to certainty.

Remember that the first question mark in the Bible was introduced by Satan. He always brings questions. The God of truth brings periods and exclamation points! Go back to what you know for sure. Refuse to live in defeat. Soon the fog will lift and the light will shine again…

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