A Divided Nation July 4, 2018

Tonight I have the privilege of preaching in the opening meeting of America’s Christian Youth Congress in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is more than a patriotic meeting – it is a meeting for prayer. The only hope of America, the only hope of any nation, is the mercy of God.

In recent days we have all watched the national news and the deterioration of political debate into an outright spirit of anarchy. We are a divided nation. And only One person brings true unity.

There will always be difference of opinion. One beautiful characteristic of our republic is the defense of individual liberty. We defend the privilege of others to disagree with us. True freedom defends the right of people to be wrong! Yet this divided nation is desperate for the unity that truth alone can bring.

While holding meetings outside of our nation’s capital my family and I had the opportunity to spend some time again in Washington, DC. I wondered as we explored what kind of nation my grandchildren will grow up in. What will our children face?

My favorite president, Abraham Lincoln, famously delivered a speech on slavery in which he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” He took this powerful statement from the words of Christ in Mark 3:25, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

The message of our Lord was that a house is either ruled by Satan or by God. This is true in every generation and every issue. My house, your house, the church house, our national “house” needs the power of God as never before.

On this Independence Day may every follower of Christ pray earnestly for a spiritual awakening in our land!

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  1. Stephen Coleman on July 4, 2018 at 12:01 PM

    Praying for you and the meeting tonight and praying for a great awakening in our land.

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