A Month of Hallelujahs! November 2, 2021

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As we begin the month that culminates with Thanksgiving wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could make the whole month a month of praise? The great Bible word hallelujah means “praise ye the Lord” and it is found throughout Scripture. In fact, the last five Psalms are known as “the Hallelujah chorus.” Psalm 146-150 all begin and end with “PRAISE ye the LORD.”

A couple of years ago I had the thrill of preaching through these psalms during a Thanksgiving week revival. The principles of praise are good for every season of life. This November we are posting one of these “Hallelujah Chorus” messages each week. The first is now available on our YouTube channel and the rest will follow…

  • Psalm 150 – Holy Hallelujahs
  • Psalm 146 – Where Hallelujah Begins
  • Psalm 147 – The Hallelujah Witness
  • Psalm 148 – Hallelujahs in the Home
  • Psalm 149 – The Power of a Hallelujah

I hope you will take the time to meditate and pray your way through these psalms over the coming days. Open your copy of the Scriptures and read them aloud on your knees. Then join us each week as we look at these powerful psalms. You will meet God in the place of praise.

Praying that God will give you a month of Hallelujahs…

Scott Pauley

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