How Business People Make A Difference In The Work of the Lord August 14, 2021


Earlier this week it was our privilege to spend some time with a group of business leaders in preparation for an upcoming gospel crusade. Too often those who are working in business have been neglected when it comes to the work of the Lord. I love the fact that the Apostle Paul did not just take the message of Christ to the synagogue of his day – he shared Christ “in the market daily” (Acts 17:17). God’s message must get into the marketplace!

Paul labored as a tentmaker himself and became acquainted with others, like Aquila and Priscilla, who served Christ while in that employment. Men and women serving in a variety of fields can serve the Lord right where they are. It is not just the preacher who has a role in the advancement of the cause of Christ!

How can business people make a difference in the work of the Lord?

  1. Through intercession. All of God’s children must learn the power of prayer. The temptation for “get it done” people is to think that their energy and ingenuity is enough. But gospel work is spiritual work and it demands divine resources that are accessed only by prayer. Yes, we must work, but we need God to work! 
  2. Through influence. Those who interact each day with people in the community have an open door to speak about Christ. Share your faith. Use your contacts for eternal purposes. Promote righteousness. Salt and light is needed in every city and in every realm of business.
  3. Through investment. The Lord blesses us to make us a blessing. Everything God puts into our hands is something that we can put back into His hands – He can always do more with the resources than we can! As we give, He multiplies. One of the greatest privileges in this life is investing temporal resources in eternal causes.

D.L. Moody understood the importance of involving business people in evangelistic endeavors.John Farwell was a successful businessman that God providentially connected to the evangelist. Moody was used of the Lord to teach Farwell that he could be engaged in ministry while in business. Farwell was used of the Lord to both support Moody’s evangelistic efforts and connect him to other business leaders. Their gospel partnership lasted for forty years and the effects of it will last for eternity.

How can you connect your work to God’s work? Ask the Lord to use you and begin right where you are.

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