I Would Appreciate Your Help! July 20, 2020


One of the great joys of my life is the fellowship and friendship we enjoy with the people of God. There is nothing like being in the greatest family on earth! I am very grateful for the connections the Lord continues to give us with His people around the world and the partnership we have in the work of the gospel.

I want to ask if you would be willing to help me with a special project that God has given us. As most of you know, during the COVID-19 travel ban we were restricted from a number of scheduled meetings. Yet in the good providence of God it was during that time that the Lord allowed me to write a little book on Revival Praying.

We have been very pleased with the initial reception the book has received and the response from so many who are reading it. I am earnestly asking God to use it to stir a righteous remnant to seek Him. This is the greatest need in our world at this moment.

Would you be willing to help us further this message?

  1. If you have not yet read the book for yourself, please get a copy and prayerfully read through it.
  • Download the digital version for free at Kindle or iBooks. (We have chosen to offer the ebook at no cost so that anyone can have access to it. If the book is a blessing to you and you would like to make a donation to help us continue offering it to others you may make a tax-deductible donation at enjoyingthejourney.org/invest.)
  • Order the hardback edition at enjoyingthejourney.org. Faithworks Media is offering Revival Praying for $9.99 for a limited time. The books are now in stock and can be shipped to you immediately.
  1. Provide a review or recommendation on the Kindle or iBooks platform. This is a simple thing but it allows the book to gain additional visibility in the rankings and will help us get the truth to many who are not familiar with our work.
  1. Share the book with family and friends. Your word of mouth or social media recommendations mean more than you know! There are so many books that people could read. In the words of Solomon, “of making many books there is no end”! (Ecclesiastes 12:12). Most readers follow the recommendations of those they trust.
  1. Order a number of books to give as gifts or to use in Bible study. This study of Ezra’s revival prayer is designed to be used in family devotions, Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, and prayer meetings. In just a few days an accompanying student guide will also be released. To receive a special bulk or bookstore rate you may email connect@faithworksmedia.com
  1. Pray. Just last night I read, “Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it…” (Psalm 127:1). All we want is all that God wants. It is His work and we are His servants. Would you join me in praying that the Lord would be glorified through this effort?

I would love to hear from you with any ideas about the book. You may write me at scott@enjoyingthejourney.org. Thank you for being our friends and fellow laborers. Most of all, I am glad we are family. I look forward to spending eternity with you at our Father’s house. May the Lord help us all to do what we can while there is still time. God bless you today!

I appreciate your help,

Scott Pauley

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