Do you have a favorite preacher? I love anyone who preaches the Bible, but there is a preacher who has profoundly affected my life and ministry from the time that I was a boy. More on that in a moment…

Each Saturday we post a full-length Bible message on Enjoying the Journey. The addition of “The Weekend Pulpit” to our broadcasts this year has allowed us to share recent sermons with many who listen to the brief Bible studies throughout the week. We have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have responded to the messages, and pray that God will continue to honor the preaching of His Word.

Occasionally we plan to share Bible messages from other preachers. Today I am thrilled that our first guest on “The Weekend Pulpit” is my favorite preacher. My dad started preaching just a few years before I did and, as a young man, he patiently taught me the truths that God was teaching him. I have often told others that he was my first preaching professor! 

I frequently remember some of the little pieces of advice he gave me that made a big difference in how I thought about preaching:

  • “When you don’t know what to preach, just preach on Jesus.”
  • “Speak less about yourself and more about Christ.”
  • “It’s not your points – it’s God’s power.”
  • “Study hard, but pray twice as much as you study.”
  • “Keep your heart clean and your head on straight.”

For the last 31 years he has faithfully pastored the same church and his preaching is marked by the heart of a shepherd. I am grateful for his preaching, but I am most thankful for his life. He is my favorite preacher.

A few weeks ago, I was preaching on the west coast, and due to the time difference, was able to tune in to his message on a Sunday morning. As I listened to him open God’s Word my heart was so blessed and I wanted to pass the sermon along to you. 

This message answers so many questions from God’s Word about what is going on in our world. Many people who are distraught over the conditions around them have simply found something to amuse themselves to keep them from thinking about what really matters.This message examines three things we all should be thinking seriously on right now.

We look forward to sharing messages from other special guests in the months ahead but today I am happy to share this message from my favorite preacher…

Pastor Roger Pauley

While I Was Musing

Psalm 39

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Partner with us in prayer.


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