It has been a great joy to meet so many people across the country who are listening each day to the broadcast and Enjoying the Journey with us through God’s Word. I am alone in my study when the episodes are recorded so it is a special blessing to put faces (and stories) to the unknown audience. For all of you who have made ETJ a part of your daily routine, thank you.

A few updates about where we have been and where we are going…

  • This week we will conclude our time in the book of Jonah. I hope that now you see why this is THE MESSAGE WE ALL NEED. Every believer needs the reminder and every unbeliever needs the truth: “salvation is of the LORD.” Listen to the closing episodes and then share the good news with others! It is my prayer that our listeners will not be “hearers only” but “doers of the word” as well (James 1:22).
  • On Monday we begin a brand new series: FAMILY TIME. I am convinced that the great spiritual battle is taking place on the frontline of our families. This study will begin in Genesis and then encompass a host of Scriptures throughout the Old and New Testaments as we discover God’s truth for our homes. We would like to encourage you to get your whole family to listen for the next several weeks. I believe it will both open up God’s Word to us and it will open conversations about spiritual matters with those you love. Don’t miss these episodes!
  • As always, the full archive of more than 900 ETJ episodes are available at You can find all of the studies arranged by series or use the search feature to search by a specific Scripture or topic. 

Our whole team continues to marvel at how God is extending the ministry to people around the world. This is the Lord’s doing and we give Him glory for it. We hope to cross paths with many of you in meetings in the days ahead, but rejoice that the podcast will go to many who we will never meet until we get to Heaven. 

May God help you to keep enjoying the journey…we will be enjoying the destination with Him soon!

Enjoying the Journey

Enjoying the Journey exists to evangelize the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, encourage pastors and local churches, and equip believers to walk with God and serve Him each day. Through audio, video, and print resources we are seeking to preach the gospel, teach the Word of God, and reach this generation for Christ.

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Partner with us in prayer.

Partner with us in prayer.


I will join you in prayer for a spiritual awakening among God's people and the advancement of the gospel.

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