NEW STUDY: “A Good Soldier of Jesus Christ” October 24, 2020


There is a great deal of discussion now about peace around the world. At the same time, there is increased strife and fighting in our own country. But the biggest war in the world is being waged and few are talking about it. You will not find it in the news or trending on social media, but it is very real. It is a battle between light and darkness and it is intensifying at this moment. It is not a political, military, social, economic, philosophical, racial, or social conflict. It is spiritual.

The enemy is angry and the conflict is as fierce as it has ever been. Satan knows his time is short and our Captain has promised us the victory. Followers of Jesus Christ are on the winning side! Soon the war will be over – the battle is always hottest just before it is won.

Monday we begin a new series on the Enjoying the Journey daily podcast. For the next several weeks we will study what God’s Word says about spiritual warfare. I am convinced that at this moment every believer must determine to be “a good soldier of Jesus Christ” (2 Timothy 2:3). 

What does it mean to be a good soldier of Jesus Christ? This is more than church membership or casual Christianity. A good soldier of Jesus Christ…

  1. Needs to know there is a war going on
  2. Needs to enlist on the right side
  3. Needs obedience to the Captain
  4. Needs love for his cause
  5. Needs alertness to spiritual danger
  6. Needs training from seasoned soldiers
  7. Needs to tear down every enemy stronghold in his own life
  8. Needs vigilance against the enemy
  9. Needs courage for the fight
  10. Needs compassion for those under the enemy’s tyranny
  11. Needs commitment to the orders
  12. Needs weapons for the war
  13. Needs willingness to sacrifice
  14. Needs supplies of grace and power from headquarters 
  15. Needs fellow soldiers to fight alongside
  16. Needs mercy for those who are wounded and casualties in the fight 
  17. Needs discipline to keep from distractions
  18. Needs to advance into enemy territory
  19. Needs faith for the victory
  20. Needs hope of going home

Will you join me for this important Bible study? You may find the daily episodes at or on your favorite podcast player. Subscribe and then share it with others. God’s people must arm themselves with a battle mindset and prepare for the fight. 

When this war is over all of God’s soldiers will be at the victory celebration. Now is the time for each of us to find our place on the frontlines. May God help you to become “a good soldier of Jesus Christ”!

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