One of Life’s Greatest Questions: Where Is God? October 27, 2013

Life is full of questions.  One of the first questions children ask about God is a question that continues into theological discussions of people of all ages.

1395230_10202189966129271_594440811_nAsk a child, “Where is God?” and you will see them point up.  Heaven!  God is in Heaven.  And so He is.  Almighty God sits on the throne of the universe, ruling the good and overruling the evil.  No matter how bad things may get we must never forget that God has not abdicated His throne.

Ask a theologian, “Where is God?” and they will point all around.  He is everywhere.  The God of the Bible is omnipresent – everywhere at the same time.  The Lord is not bound by geography, time, or circumstance.  He is the all present One.

Ask any Christian, “Where is God?” and they will point to their heart.  God lives within.  “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  Perhaps this is the most precious truth of all: the God who is so big that He sits in Heaven over all, the God who is so vast that He is everywhere at the same time, is so personal that He comes to live within the heart of every one of His children.

The answer to the question, “Where is God?,” reveals not only how large He is but how loving He is.  He is with me.

Look up and God is there.  Look everywhere and God is there.  Look within and God is there.  And His promise is, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Hebrews 13:5).

The more difficult questions are: “Where is God when bad things happen?  when I am hurting?  when the world seems out of control?”  The answer does not change because God does not change.  He is watching over all from a vantage point that we cannot have.   He is working in the earth.  He is with us.  You will find Him in His Word.  You will see Him in the lives of people whose path you may cross.  You will discover Him at the twists and turns of life.  You will meet Him on your knees.  He is there.

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