Our March Itinerary and Family Update February 28, 2018

The Lord has been so faithful to us in the opening weeks of this year. Thank you for your continued prayers. I closed out a missions revival in Florida last night and am flying home this morning. We added a local meeting tonight and details on that service may be found at enjoyingthejourney.org/itinerary.

Below you will find our scheduled meetings for the coming month. Please ask the Lord to give us a touch of revival in each place. The hymn writer expressed it well, “Mercy drops round us are falling, but for the showers we plead!”

Friday, March 2, Regional Teen Talent Contest – First Baptist Church, Milford, OH, Pastor Bill Duttry

Sunday-Tuesday, March 4-6, Family Conference – Liberty Baptist Church, Stockbridge, GA, Pastor Matt Grimes

Saturday, March 9, Youth Rally – Maranatha Baptist Church, Charleston, WV, Pastor Kevan Bartlett

Sunday-Tuesday, March 11-13, Rekindle Conference – Somerville Baptist Church, Somerville, AL, Pastor Shane Lewis

Sunday, March 11, Evening Service – Greystone Baptist Church, Pastor Youel Altizer *Associate Evangelist Chase Whitten

Wednesday, March 14, Evening Service – Bible Baptist Church, Beckley, WV, Pastor Sam Green

Sunday-Tuesday, March 18-20, Revival – Mansfield Baptist Church, Mansfield, OH, Pastor Rob Kurtz

Saturday, March 24, Iron Works Men’s Conference – Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Charleston, WV, Pastor Lee Swor

Sunday, March 25, Friend Day, Morning and Evening Services – Cranberry Baptist Church, Beckley, WV, Pastor Roger Pauley

We look forward to being home for a few days at the end of the month for our home church’s revival with Pastor Dean Miller. Our family is doing well and we so appreciate the encouragement we have received from God’s people. The kids and I are excited about celebrating Tammy’s birthday this month. Morgan, Lauren, and Grant are doing well in school and have been a source of great blessing to their mother and me. Thank you for holding all of us up to the Lord.

It has been a joy to travel and work with our friend, Evangelist Chase Whitten. He is now scheduling meetings and would be a great blessing in your church, youth group, or special event. He is passionate about seeing people saved and doing gospel work in the community. I highly recommend him and hope that you will consider using him soon. You may contact him directly at victorymxschool@gmail.com or at 304.661.6139.

May God bless you and your work for the Lord!

More details on each meeting may be found at enjoyingthejourney.org/itinerary or by contacting the host church.

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