Praise and Prayer – Our November Schedule October 30, 2020


As we approach this Thanksgiving month I am both grateful and prayerful. The Lord continues to guide and protect us. Week after week we see His hand at work and rejoice to be allowed to serve Christ where He sends us. All glory to our great God!

A dear friend texted me recently and pointed out a wonderful verse related to the ministry of the Apostle Paul. Acts 18:23 says, “And after he had spent some time there, he departed, and went over all the country of Galatia and Phrygia in order, strengthening all the disciples.” This is the life of an evangelist – we spend a little time in a place and then leave. But the goal of itinerant work is not travel; it is to strengthen as many disciples as possible. 

Politicians travel incessantly to “stump” their message. Should not God’s messengers be ready to carry the good news wherever they can?

With a thankful heart I am asking the Lord to use us in a fresh way at this time. Pastors need encouragement, churches need revival, and more than ever souls everywhere need Jesus. Our family is grateful for your prayers and support and hope you will join us in constant prayer for a deep work of the Holy Spirit in these upcoming meetings…

Sunday, November 1 – Morning and Evening Services, Sewell Valley Baptist Church, Rainelle, WV, Pastor Fred Fryar

Tuesday, November 3 – Tri-State Pastor’s Fellowship, Temple Baptist Church, Flatwoods, KY, Pastor Jim Pridemore

Thursday – Saturday, November 5 – 7 – Loving and Leading Conference, First Baptist Church, Milford, OH, Pastor Bill Duttry

Sunday – Tuesday, November 8 – 10 – Revival, Bible Baptist Church, Fairfield, OH, Pastor Wallace Miller

Sunday – Tuesday, November 15 – 17 – Revival, Ripley Baptist Temple, Ripley, WV, Pastor Rick Perrine

Sunday, November 22 – Morning Service, First Baptist Church, Coconut Creek, FL, Pastor Adam Alley

Sunday – Tuesday, November 22 – 24 – Beginning Sunday evening – Thanksgiving Revival, Shining Light Baptist Church, Monroe, NC, Pastor Tim Cruse

Sunday, November 29 – Morning and Evening Services, Bible Baptist Church, New Egypt, NJ, Pastor Dominick Cuozzo

Details on these and other meetings may be found at or by contacting the host church.

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