As Americans citizens we have been blessed – spoiled, in fact – to grow up in freedom. It is a freedom that few have enjoyed throughout history and many will never know. The blessings of God always come with a responsibility, a response of gratitude and obedience. 

Christianity is not American, and being American is not Christian. However, American Christians have much for which to answer to God. It is shameful to enjoy liberty and do nothing to exercise and defend that liberty. 

Our freedom grew out of strong biblical principles about individual soul liberty. When these are forgotten it is not long until all of the corresponding liberties are lost. The current attack on religious liberty will inevitably lead to the erosion of individual freedoms. They are all connected.

Many years ago I had the privilege of participating in a roundtable at Oxford University on the subject of religious expression and education. When it was my turn to speak I explained the simple principles we believe about liberty of conscience and had the privilege of sharing the gospel. The facilitator was not a believer. In fact, he was a follower of Voltaire, but when I was finished he spoke up to say that this concept was fascinating – that no one can coerce the conscience of another man nor should he be allowed to stop that man’s expression of religious conviction. I did not come up with such a thought, nor did America – it is revealed in the pages of Holy Scripture!

It is time for Christians to exercise their liberty and responsibility. It is time to vote. How should you vote?

Ask God and read His Word and He will tell you!

Forget party. Forget politics. Forget personality. Forget preferences. Remember one thing: Bible principles.

I am voting for life, for liberty, and for law because my God is the God of all. He gave life – and we must protect it. He gives liberty – and we must defend it. He commands law and order – and we must promote it.

Remember who you are as a follower of Jesus Christ. Remember who God is, and then vote!