Time to Speak July 2, 2021


Citizens can love their country and not love Christ, but if you truly love Christ you should love your country as Christ does. In our beloved America there is an inherent danger in conflating patriotism and Christianity. They are not the same. The faith of Christ is never national; it is always personal. Yet we know that the foundation of this nation was laid in biblical truth and the only way forward is by returning to those first principles.

Solomon said that there is both “a time to keep silence, and a time to speak” (Ecclesiastes 3:7). In the face of pointless argument and empty criticism it is often best just to keep silence. However, when lies are lauded and false doctrine is rampant it is not time to cower in the corner – it is time to speak! In a nation of noise the church must be clear.

There are so many conflicting messages in our land. Leaders seem marked by confusion. Every prognosticator and commentator has something different to say. Social media has contributed to the noise as every opinion and idea now has a platform.

Perhaps you have been tempted to just be quiet and stay out of the fray. Permit me to say to all of my fellow believers that this is not the time for silence. We must stand up and speak out. The question is: what should we say?

As we celebrate Independence Day in the United States here are three things that all of God’s children should lift their voice to do:

  1. Give thanks. We are a blessed people and Scripture is replete with reminders that God is the source of every true blessing. Our prayers are powerless without praise and our witness is weakened when all we do is talk about what we don’t like. Give God glory and thanks for the liberty we enjoy and for those who gave their lives so we could have it.
  2. Make intercession. If a burden is on your heart for our land then sincere and urgent prayer should be on your lips. We must turn our complaint to prayer. Pray for leaders. Pray for the awakening of the church. Pray for a gospel advance. Whatever you do, pray!
  3. Speak truth. It must be remembered that the only reason we have religious liberty is so that we can share the truth of Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Our freedom is not just to be enjoyed, it is to be used! Share the gospel. Talk freely and frequently of the truth in God’s Word. 

Liberty is an opportunity to speak. For sure, there are still obstacles, but we have been given a great open door and it is our responsibility to walk through it.

Many will sing the national anthem over the next few days. We will talk about American history and reflect on the sacrifice of former generations. But followers of Christ must also be mouthpieces for God’s truth. Open your mouth to praise, pray, and preach the gospel. It is time to speak.

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