Welcome to Spring! March 20, 2019


That’s right. No matter where you are or how cold it is, today is officially the first day of spring! The first of warmer, brighter days ahead…we hope.

The seasons of nature are an amazing illustration of the seasons of spiritual life. Sometimes we all go through “winter” of the soul. Coldness comes. Darkness descends. Life seems to withdraw into hiding. But that is never the end of the story! Spring is coming.

This is what revival is all about – life coming again. It was always there. The living sap flowing through the seemingly dead trees, waiting for the right conditions to draw it out. Does this sound like your soul?

Divine sap, the living flow, the person of the Holy Spirit dwells beneath the surface of the most barren Christian. When we meet God’s conditions that flow begins again to produce fruit. Revival. Spring time in the soul.

Remove every obstruction, prepare the soil, sow to the Spirit, and God will bring the sunshine. I have been thinking about one of the great revival choruses written by Dr. John R. Rice many years ago. It expresses this truth beautifully:

I remember the time when I first knew the Saviour,
When the sunlight of blessing so flooded my heart,
O the sweetness of first love, with Jesus so near me,
and I thought such devotion would never depart.

Let the sunshine again, Let the flow'rs bloom again;
Stir the embers of love in my heart!
Holy Spirit reprove, then embrace me again;
Let the sunshine again in my heart!
Then how sweet were the Scriptures, they spoke to me daily,
How they guided my steps; but my zeal did not last,
And the sweet place of pray'r where I met with my Saviour,
I neglected, and so soon my joys were all past.
O, I loved to walk in the way with God's children,
When we net with glad heart in a fellowship sweet.
But the pull of the flesh and some worldly companions,
In the paths of sin's pleasure attracted my feet.
Lord, I come now again for forgiveness and blessing,
As Thy penitent child I am seeking Thy peace.
For the blood paid my debt and Thy Spirit within me,
Bids me come to my Father, my wand'ring to cease.

May God make today the start of a new season in your walk with Him. Welcome to spring!

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  1. Pastor Delbert Hawley on March 20, 2019 at 9:48 AM

    Oh, Evangelist Scott, I am 80 years old, have been preaching for 50 years, pastored the same church for 42 years and I this article today hits home, we need to stay on fire for God until He calls us home. Thanks for addressing the spiritual needs of every human soul. Isaiah 46:4

    • Scott Pauley on March 22, 2019 at 10:11 AM

      Thank you sir for your faithful labors! God bless you for ministering to so many and encouraging me.

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