What Will Change In Your Life When This Is Over? April 17, 2020


Did you know that the word “quarantine” actually comes from an Italian word that has biblical roots? It means 40 days – a reference to the 40 days of purification and the 40 day testings found throughout the Scriptures. While the immediate purpose is medical and physical in nature, I believe that God is using this quarantine to both test and purify His people.

This extended period will prove to be a time of purging both for churches corporately and Christians personally. Some will fall away, but, God willing, many will draw nearer to Christ. What will this quarantine do for you?

Redeeming the time” is not a matter of busyness or activity – it is a matter of emphasis and priority. These days may become the most fruitful days of our life if our time is given to the right things…

  • Give extra time to God. Is your “screen time” up? There is an inherent danger in watching too much media during these days. Guard your time and give special seasons to Bible reading, prayer, and meditation. How often we have thought, “I just don’t have time!” You do now. And you will never have a better opportunity to develop a disciplined devotional life than you do at this moment.
  • Give purposeful time to your family. We are together…but are we really together? It is not enough to be under the same roof. In fact, you may be to the point where you are just getting on one another’s nerves! Seek to have meaningful conversations. Work and play together. Make a connection with each member of the family. You will be glad you did for the rest of your life.
  • Give definite times to setting things in order. Try to tackle some project each day. The closet and drawers that need organized. The records that need arranged. The correspondence that needs answered. The projects that need caught up. Use any extra time you have to accomplish things you could not normally do. Time is only unprofitable if we waste it.
  • Give quiet times to meditation. We are all a little more contemplative right now, but that is not necessarily a bad thing! We need to think. Consider this: When things go “back to normal” in our nation, what should not go “back to normal” in your life?

Health and government leaders have stated that this time of isolation and social distancing is to keep many from getting ill. Perhaps the Great Physician may use it to bring us to greater spiritual health. What will have changed in your life when this is over?


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  1. Bill on April 17, 2020 at 10:44 AM

    Thank you Scott time well spent at home sure makes a difference.

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