Many of us have made definite commitments to give renewed attention to God’s Word in the new year. For me, that means something different every year. I try not to use the same reading schedule or plan. This keeps the routine from becoming a rut and helps me to approach it with fresh expectancy.

I offer my plan for this year to you in the hope that some idea might encourage you in your own time in God’s Word…

God led me to Psalm 119 for 2018. It is the longest psalm in the Bible. 174 of the 176 verses specifically reference the truth of God’s Word. And yet, I have discovered that this psalm seems to cover the gamut of life. It deals with relationships, thoughts, words, and a host of other issues.

God’s Word was meant to guide and guard every area of my life!

This year I am taking one verse a day. My goal is not reading; it is meditation. I want to think and pray through this psalm one verse at a time. What I really desire is for this psalm to read me! And indeed it is doing just that – its Author knows me very well.

I am writing out my daily verse in a small journal and using that same journal to record daily prayer requests. In this way, the Scripture is connected to my prayers for myself and for others.

We won’t all use the same reading plan this year…we probably shouldn’t. God has a personal path for each of us to walk with Him. But the principles may all be applied by us all:

  • Choose a definite passage to give special attention to.
  • Limit yourself to the amount of Scripture you can meditate on. (The goal is not chapters – it is to hear the voice of God.)
  • Record what God speaks to you about. Writing out the very words of Scripture will help you to see things in the verse you may not observe through a casual reading.
  • Meditate on the truth throughout the day. Look at it again. Think on it. Ask questions and apply truths.
  • Allow God’s Word to lead you to prayer. My dad told me as a boy that there were three talks I should have every day: talk to God, let God talk to you, and talk about Him. Do this with the Scriptures! Let God speak to you from them, talk to Him about them, and then share them with others.

I would love to hear how God has led you and how you are approaching God’s Word right now! What is your Scripture for 2018?

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