Just a few days ago my dad challenged our home church family to take 6 gospel tracts – one for each day between Sundays – and pass them along to others. Great numbers of people took 6 tracts to share with family, friends, and strangers. It has been wonderful to see the good response of people in the community and a wonderful reminder of a simple way to share Christ.

As I have been working to stay “armed with the gospel” every day I have been reminded of several things:

Giving out a tract is not the goal – pointing people to Jesus is the goal! In many instances a kind word and a gospel tract may open up a conversation about Christ. Do not allow a piece of paper to substitute for speaking about the Lord Jesus. Let it be an entry point.

Carrying gospel tracts every day is a constant reminder to speak to people along the way. Jesus said, “And as ye go, preach” (Matthew 10:7). Witnessing is not something you finish, but something you are to continue. It is a way of life. (Read more about why you should use gospel tracts here.)

Passing out gospel literature is something you can do everyday, anywhere. I cannot always preach a sermon or be engaged in some public ministry, but I can always be looking for personal opportunities to share God’s truth. Needy souls are everywhere and you never know how God will use a simple witness.

To be sure, we can all give out more than 6 tracts in a week, but it is a good starting point. Would you make a personal goal to give out a tract a day this week? Every day is a day for a gospel witness!

Read more about How to Use Gospel Tracts Effectively. Visit https://faithworksmedia.com/product/would-you-like-a-new-start/ for information on the gospel tract that I use.