After all of these years and the multitude of technological ways that we receive communication, there is still something exciting about getting a note in the mail from a friend. That’s right…snail mail, hand written…nothing like it! (Read more about the importance of letter writing here.) How much more important that note would be if it was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! The New Testament is full of such letters.

I am excited to announce that today we are beginning a brand new series of studies from the one page letter we now know as Philemon. It is a note written from one friend to another, and it points us to the love and forgiveness found in Christ alone. God is the God of second chances and real hope!

This brief note is full of doctrinal truth and practical help for us all. I would like to encourage you to walk through this little book with us over the next few days. You can subscribe to Enjoying the Journey on any podcast player or listen each day at Thank you for studying the Scriptures with us!

(Our last series, Family Time, along with all of the other series are archived here.)