“Praying Through” April 4, 2022


Years ago I used to hear some people refer to “praying through” as a metaphor for praying until you breakthrough to Heaven. I understand what many of these sincere people meant, but always believed that the expression was in many ways misplaced.

  • The length and intensity of our prayers is not what “gets through.” The blood of Jesus and simple faith is what gives the humblest sinner access to the Creator God of the universe. Prayers are not answered because we pray good prayers but because we have a good God.
  • It is very easy to view our prayers subjectively based on how we feel. For example, a person could think their prayers are not “getting through” because they have no emotion, when they truly are being heard by the Lord. Feelings and faith are not the same.
  • Prayer can easily be used as a perceived means for convincing the Lord to do what we want done. This is not true prayer. Prayer seeks God’s will and not our own.

To be sure, there are times when God leads us to extended and intense seasons of prayer for ourselves or for someone else. And there are times in prayer when the Lord comes so near that He gives a deep settled peace that the answer is on the way. But we must never think that the power in that prayer is in our ability. 

Prayer must be more than an event – it must be a way of life. Here are some ways that all of God’s children should be “praying through”:

  1. Praying through the Scriptures. The Bible is God’s inspired prayer book. If you want to pray better prayers, pray the Scriptures! One of the greatest things I ever learned to do was to take a portion of Scripture and pray my way through it, turning every verse into a conversation with the Author. Claim the promises. Confess sins as they are identified. Worship God as He is revealed in each passage. Give thanks for every reminder of blessing. Talk to the Lord about areas of your life, individuals you are concerned about, and specific needs as God connects His Word to your daily experiences. Let the Bible be your prayer guide and pray your way through the Scriptures. (Read more here.)
  2. Praying through the day. Prayer should not be relegated to a few brief moments at the beginning or close of the day. Pray all through the day. Spurgeon said that he rarely prayed for more than five minutes at at time but he rarely went five minutes without praying! This is the essence of “pray without ceasing.” Turn each conversation, appointment, and business interaction into an opportunity to pray for those who cross your path. Talk to the Lord as you drive and in quiet moments. Speak to Him in your heart as you work. If someone asks you to pray for them, stop then if possible and have a brief prayer. I have started using a prayer calendar to help me record names and needs each day as a reminder. Remember how spontaneously our Lord Jesus went to prayer in the midst of other things. Prayer should be as natural as breathing for a Christian, because it is the very life of the child of God. Let every day be a day of prayer. (Read more here.)
  3. Praying through the decision or difficulty. We all have struggles and stresses with which to deal. Pray your way through the season you are in. Pray before the battle, pray during the battle, pray after the battle – but pray! The principle of persevering in prayer is a reminder that every answer does not come immediately. Keep asking. Keep seeking. Keep knocking.

To “pray through” means more than one prayer – it is a way of life. In fact, we are to pray through every step of the journey until our faith becomes sight. Keep on praying and remember that soon we will speak to God face to face at His throne in Heaven. Until then, let’s pray our way through…

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  1. Raymond Ricard on April 4, 2022 at 8:23 PM

    Yes, praying is where the battle is raging in our mind.
    We are too busy or too tired, one follow the other to pray.

    Heard today that praying : is the sweats of the soul.

    We don’t sweat without effort.

    In battle for His glory

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