Can you imagine the days leading up to the birth of Christ? No family has ever had thoughts, emotions, and Christmas preparation like that first family! Joseph and Mary, thrilled by the heavenly announcements concerning the birth of their son – God’s Son, began making their way toward Bethlehem. The countdown was on.

The days that lead up to Christmas should be full of excitement and expectancy for all of us who are celebrating the birth of the Son of God! Holidays take on new meaning when they truly become holy days and our attention turns to the divine emphasis.

A large billboard in a city where I traveled recently announced each day how many shopping days were left until Christmas. Perhaps you have some display in your home that counts down the days until December 25th. But we must do more than mark days, we must make them count! Remember that the greatest preparation is always spiritual.

Someone shared a Bible reading plan that they use for the month of December, and I thought it most helpful. It is very simple. Beginning on the first day of the month they start reading Luke chapter one. Each day of December they read the chapter that corresponds to that day until they finish Dr. Luke’s gospel record on Christmas Eve with Luke 24. In this way the entire life and ministry of Jesus is in view as they approach Christmas Day.

Of course, this could be done with any of the gospel records, but Luke’s writing fits perfectly into the month and also gives us the most detailed account of the birth of Christ. Our family is going to follow this plan for the month of December and I am excited about it.

Would you like to join us and many others this month in concentrating your Bible reading on Jesus? Tomorrow is December 1! The countdown to Christmas is on.

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