In a few weeks school will be out and summer will be in full swing. This is the time of year that young people (and their parents!) begin counting the days until vacation. Like many of you, we are planning a few days away with family and look forward to the time together.

As a boy so many wonderful memories were made on family vacations. They did not have to be long or expensive trips – it was just the fact that we were all together, away from the normal routines and demands of life. Just this week a young father who serves in ministry told me how excited he is about a special family vacation that is upcoming. It reminded me again why I love family vacations.

Family Vacation 2016

Schedule some time with your family this year. Cancel everything else. Give your undivided attention to the ones who you love most on earth. Soon these days will be gone.

I ran across a picture this week taken on a family vacation several years ago. My mind raced…Are those my children? Is it possible that this much time has passed? Where did the years go?

Life soon becomes memories. Make the most of every one.

One practical piece of advice: Plan your vacation well in advance. Include every member of the family in the planning, and then talk about it all year long. The anticipation is a big part of the fun! It may actually be more exciting than the trip itself.

You may not have many days or much money, but you can do something to make a memory with your family. That’s what family vacations are all about.