Rarely do I post anything on a Saturday night but this is special. On Tuesday one of my dearest friends and fellow laborers is leaving for Iraq. God has called him and his family to labor in that needy part of our world. I have been challenged by their faith and believe that our Master has divine appointments for them there.

Over the last months they have seen definite provision and preparation for the work they have been given to do. In recent days a Christian businessman offered to match gifts up to $20,000 and many others have given sacrificially. God’s people have been wonderful. Tammy and I are honored to have a part and happy to ask others to join us. This is eternal work.

As we approach the final hours before they leave, there is still significant support required in one area. Our friends are required to have two years worth of funds in reserve for housing. The Lord has met them at every step and we are confident He will prove Himself in this as well.

Many of you count these precious people as your friends also. Would you pray for them in a special way right now and throughout this week? Perhaps you have already contributed. If God is leading you this would be a wonderful opportunity to help.

Because of the sensitive nature of where they are going this is all of the detail that I can share online. You may email me at scott@scottpauley.org if you have questions or would like information on where to send a gift.

I am reminded of Paul’s vision of the man who cried out, “Come over into Macedonia, and help us” (Acts 16:9). There are still such places. There are still desperate souls. And there are still people answering the call to help. Let’s help the helpers.

We cannot all go with them to the Middle East but can all go with them in our prayers. What a joy to be part of God’s work in this world…preparing people for the world to come! Thank you for doing what you can.