The key to a nation is a generation. I believe if we lose the next generation we lose the nation. Truth endures to every generation but every generation must hear the truth!

We have just concluded the third section of Psalms (the Leviticus Psalms) on our daily Enjoying the Journey broadcast. God willing, next week we will launch into the fourth stage of our study through that amazing book of Scripture. But I wanted to take three days this week to share some “Truth for Youth.”

Truth is in short supply in our world today, and it is the greatest need of the next generation. Young people–all people–need God’s truth! Would you make it your business to pass this truth on to someone else? Truth is to be shared.

Join us today, Thursday, and Friday for this emphasis from God’s Word…

  • Three Things Every Young Person Needs to Hear
  • Three Things Every Young Person Needs to Take to Heart
  • Three Things Every Young Person Needs to Have

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This has been a strange summer for most young people. Indeed, it is a season of life that they will never forget. May God work deeply in the lives of young people and all of us who love them. This is our moment and we must not miss it.