Recently we have heard from precious friends who are watching and listening to messages given at recent meetings. Sometimes the churches that we are in livestream their services or archive their messages on their church website. A number of messages have also been made available on sites like Sermon Audio.

My desire is to get God’s Word into as many hearts and homes as possible, and we are grateful for the technology that allows us to share God’s truth. Through the years we have posted messages periodically at that we thought would be a help. We plan to continue to do that in the days ahead.

This month we have decided to do something special and a new Bible message will be posted every week. These messages were all given in different places and cover a wide range of subjects. They are being posted with the prayer that the Lord will use them for His own glory and the good of His work.

The first message was given recently at the First Baptist Church of Southwest Broward in Cooper City, FL. My good friend Pastor Tom Odom is doing a wonderful job in that place and it was a joy to preach through the book of Haggai to their church. The message is simply: “Don’t Miss Jesus!”

Thank you for listening, sharing, and praying with us. Our sufficiency is in God and our confidence is in His power to use His own Word. May the Lord multiply the bread to feed many…

Your friend,